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Welcome to CaN Education Foundation

The foundation was incorporated in November 23, 2011 with the belief that education is the basic right for all children, and education is necessary to change the world towards better.

There are numerous children who cannot attend school or cannot continue their schooling even after they are enrolled, in Nepal. This group of population grow without education and are unaware of contributions they can make to the society they are living in. It is imperative for us to take action to educate children so that they can enjoy the opportunities and take the challenges to make the world little better, in future.

The Foundation has been supporting needy students with basic educational materials. The recipient children/students are provided with stationery and other essentials for education  so that they can go to school happily, or they do not have to quit school just because of lack of pencil or paper. The foundation also provides some stationary supplies and sports items to the schools where foundation’s projects are running. Those schools use the stationary as their emergency inventory, and the sports items have become attraction to children to attend school regularly. Thus, we have been reported that students are regular, teachers are satisfied and parents are motivated.

Positive feedback from teachers, parents ans supporters have fueled energy to volunteers of CaN to keep rolling. The most inspiring part of the project is that our supporters and donors are gradually increasing.

Fundraising is always a challenge but we believe in grass-root level of fundraising which enables everyone to be a donor. Please be a donor and educate children for a better future.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela


Our Supporters

I liked the idea of supporting needy children to go to school while empowering their communities to progress to a brighter future. I was given a similar chance in my childhood by many generous donors and with that in mind I am here to give in every little way to develop CaN Education’s initiatives. So together I invite you all to join us in supporting needy Children’s education around the world while empowering those less fortunate. Joseph D'silva, Vancouver BC

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