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Charity for a Cause

Organisers and artists.

An event of CaN Education Foundation, first ever till that date, had been organised in Kathmandu on Oct. 14, 2017 (Ashwin 28, 2074BS). The event was the result of hard work of Treasurer/Trustee Ms. Samjhana Lama.  It was her personality and connection which could bring helping hands together to support the cause, and finally to make it happen.

One of the persons to make this happen was Ms. Ramita Bhandari, Chairperson of Rushlight Meida. Her experience

Minister lights the holy lamp to inaugurate the program. 

and leadership skill to bring artists and models in to the program and beautifully choreograph the show has been applauded by all.

Meena Niraula, Bunu Rai, Suresh Kumar Chhetri and Dauth Rai were the singers in the event. The program was graced by the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Rajendra Kumar KC as the guest of honour.

Hon. minister highlighted the importance of educating children and promised to support educating children from his level best.

Baby sitting

Childsiblingsren go to early childhood centers. They are eager to learn, they want to play, and they deserve to be free and happy as children. But all of them are not so lucky. They go to school with some responsibility – they are obligated to look after their siblings even while they are in schools. Their parents or their mother cannot afford to stay home to raise their baby because both of them must work to bring food and to manage all essentials for a house hold, including mrdicines. This situation puts pressure on elderly children and they must do baby sitting of their siblings regardless of their own infancy. We can two young girls with their baby brother or baby sisters on their laps while they are attending children center in Shiksha Jyoti.

 Remodeling of Children Center

Early childhood center of Shiksha Jyoti was just like a make shift that was not able to protect children from rain or wind during adverse weather. CaN initiated to renovate the center. Local committee and teachers got motivated by this and all sat together to decide to rebuild the center. They raised money from their own resources, city also helped almost Rs. 100000 and the foundation helped to put roof on it. Thus, finally a good looking and sturdy structure has been built.







Ramailo Bhet-ghat

On June 5, 2016, it was not a formal program of the foundation but turned out to be a nice one. Weather was beautiful, food was healthy and delicious and friends were happy – altogether it was wonderful with small fund raised for CaN.

Ramailo Bhetghat



Piggy Bank Drive

Yugal counts the coins.
Yugal counts the coins.

Piggy Bank drive is continued. It is not effective as it could be but volunteers are not trying their best – more Piggy Banks are distributed to friends. Some optimistic and energetic volunteer like Yugal is going beyond. He has approached local businesses, and has got success with some of them.


Cell Roti Drive

Cell Roti drive is one of the many fund raising events adopted by CaN Education Foundation. In the past years this drive was carried publicly among Nepali families during the Maghe Sakranti, a ritual for Nepali.

Cell Roti for Maghe Sakranti.
Cell Roti for Maghe Sakranti.

The foundation could not go publicly this year. But some Cell Rotis were prepared by the parents of Nitika Thapa, who has donated all the money raised by the drive to CaN. This is love of Nitika to Nepali children who are sponsored by CaN. Nitika and her parents express their gratitude who liked to enjoy their Cell Roti. CaN and Nitika Thank you to all who donated for Cell Roti.

Wishing all a happy Maghe Sakranti.


Premium Classical Music with Sur-Sudha.


Sur Sudha in Surrey and Edmonton.

CaN Education Foundation is organizing  Premium Classical Music with Sur Sudha on

Oct 3, 2015 at New City Hall – 13450 104 Ave , Surrey. Performance: 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

And on Oct. 4, 2015 at Maharaj Banquet Hall, Edmonton. Performance time: 4pm  –  7pm.

All proceeds from the shows go to rebuild schools in Bhusafeda VDC in Dolakha district. From the over pouring support of people from all ethnic societies, organizers of the shows are very optimistic to be able to rebuild the schools sooner than expected.

Last fundraiser in Vancouver and Edmonton  was successful to raise more than $500 in Edmonton and almost $2000 in Vancouver/Surrey.


Thank you to all our supporters for the successful fundraising events in the Month of August – Night of Cultural Program with Celebrity and movie screening Nai Nabhannu La. Nepal was struck severely by double earthquakes of 7.8 magnitude on April 25 2015 and 7.3 magnitude on May 11  both rated Major,   devastating the country, which by latest count has killed more than 8,200 people. More than 600 school buildings have been damaged by the ongoing disaster. CaN is a non profit organization registered in British Columbia. We are working with local organizations and volunteers in Nepal to bring relief operations which are necessary to avoid further loss of life and livelihood due to oncoming Monsoon which would make it difficult to survive under open sky for those whose homes were mauled by the quake . More than 600 Schools have collapsed with more needing repairs. The cost of relief and reconstruction is expected to be more than 6 billion dollars. CaN has started a fund raising campaign on  Your donations will go directly to the victims for emergency supplies like, food, drink, medicine, shelter, and clothing where our friends are working tirelessly. When the immediate livelihood needs are met, we will start reconstruction and/or re-building schools, providing school uniforms, supplies, and taking care of orphans.