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About Us

CaN Education Foundation was incorporated as a “not for profit” organization in BC Registry in November 23, 2011.   Simply, we want to help needy children to go to school and/or continue their schooling. Any child should not be compelled to drop out of the school or abandoned from the class room because their parents cannot afford things like, pencil, note book or school uniform.  To meet our goal we have set the following vision, mission, objectives and the slogan.

Vision: “No child should be deprived of basic right of education“.

Mission: “Providing access to education for children by paving all possible ways”.

We are defined by our following objectives.

Our objectives according to the constitution of CaN Education Foundation are,

1. To provide essential supports to the children or students so that they can go to school and/or continue their schooling.

2. To provide support in maintaining schools’ infrastructure so that schools can run classes.

3. To continue necessary support to the recipients of CaN Education Foundation’s support so that they can pursue a successful career.

Our  Slogan is  “working together for children’s education”