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Dewalingeshwor Project

Dewalingeshwor Lower Secondary School is situated in Orang-3 of Dolakha district. This area is one of the hard hit by the disastrous earthquake in 2015 BS.  This school also suffered severe damage by the earthquake. Orang is geographically a remote village. According to National Population and Housing Census 2011 school attainment status of Orang village is as follows:

Almost the same kinds of support have been provided by CaN Education Foundation to this school from 2016. The school has received stationery, sports and extracurricular items, books for library. Out of total around 350 students, the foundation has registered altogether 60 students from all different classes as underprivileged children for support. Name list of those students were provided by the CaN Education Foundation committee which includes school principal, Chair of School Management Committee and freelance volunteer. Thos children have received school uniforms, shoes, school bags, paper/pencils. And our commitment is from the students’ starting grade to grade 12.