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[Events for CaN Education Foundation are ways to celebrate festivals, seasons and traditions 
with its supporters and raise fund at the same time].

New Year 2017

CaN Education Foundation is celebrating New Year 2017 with its friends and supporters on December 31st, 2016. The foundation has been organizing New Year since few years back. This year’s event can be better because Shraya Bista, Dorothy Paudel and Rosha Budathoki are appointed as a team to organize the event.

Event’s program schedule is as follows,

Day/Date: Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Venue: Spice of Nepal, 13468 72 Avenue, Surrey

Time: 6:00PM – 01:00 AM

July 19, 2016

June 5 was a bright sunny Sunday. Our informal gathering, “Ramailo
Bhetghat” was called in a short notice through messenger.  At the first sight it looked like whole Surrey dwellers were there in Hawthorne Park Surrey, BC on that very day and there was no room to step in. Any way, we found our spot. Delightfully, every one out of 40 participants had happy time together13346974_1364336370249148_7848677651668053561_n. Different variety of  foods from households, since it was a pot luck, were delicious. Finally, all chipped in for CaN and a small fund was raised. All deserve Big Thank you!

In the end all wanted to have another “Ramailo Bhetghat” soon.

Updated: January 12, 2016

Project Supervisor, Manoj Biswakarma and Heakmaster, Bharatraj Ragmi signing the agreement, and visiting class rooms.

Janahit Project at Shree Janahit Primary School, Simalbasti – 8, Padampur, Chitwan has been revisited by sponsoring salary for two new teachers. Mr. Manoj Biswakarma, Project Supervisor, Janahit Project, CaN Education Foundation personally visited the project to review its activities. His report after the visit has been a key factor to add new blood to the project.

In the beginning, CaN had sponsored 20 students from grade 1 to 5 out of which 13 have left the school with their parents who migrated out of the Simalbasti neighborhood. The foundation  stands on its old commitment to continue sponsoring the remaining 7 students.

The first computer for the students of Shiksha Jyoti Project IMG_20160105_112537has been provided. A computer for elementary graders in Nepali public schools is rare to see. The foundation believes that introduction and access to computer with some additional educational materials helps children to improve their learning.

Anniversary of CaN was marked amidst some friends. Adults

Nitika is ready to cut the anniversary cake,
Nitika is ready to cut the anniversary cake,

enjoyed discussing about the foundation’s achievement where as, kids enjoyed the anniversary cake. The foundation had been marking this day since year one. This ceremony reminds how the organization was initiated by few ordinary people, and the distance the organization has traveled thus far.

Shanta Adhikary shows her Piggy-Bank.
Shanta Adhikary displaying her Piggy-Bank.

Discussion on the future of the children sponsored by the foundation comes in the end which, actually helps to realize the responsibility ahead for every one. Sense of responsibility also inspires all participants to do more.

Shanta Adhikari handing her Piggy-Bank to Ratna Rai, President of CaN.

On the very occasion, Ms. Shanta Adhikari and Nitika Thaps donated their Piggy-Bank money for the children of Nepal. Shanta Adhikari has been a surprising contributor for CaN because she

Nitika handing over her Piggy-Bank to Ratna Rai, Pesident of CaN.

appears suddenly with her signature smile and contributes and/or donates by her heart.

Nitikja Thapa, daughter of Kalyan and Neetu Thapa is a pretty girl who actually donated her Piggy-Bank money for Nepali children couple years back. Her generous action helped to initiate as Piggy-Bank Drive by the foundation.
Thank you Nitika! Thank you all!

Updated: December 03, 2015

Dolakha district is one the hard hit districts in Nepal by the monstrous earthquake on April 25 and May 12, 2015.
Pictures on the lefty show how Nabin Secondary School’s Children Centre was damaged.
Children Centre NSS 2 Children Centre NSS 1

School season started and children, as usual, wanted to attend their classes.
School was Red Tagged – meaning no one can go into the building. But there was no choice and no way rambling out side. Children got in but they were gravely distressed. No one was feeling safe.
Inside the broken wall the Children Centre for 23 children had nothing but a green carpet in the dusty room. Only one care taker-teacher also looked too few for 23 children.

Considering the poor situation of those children CaN Education Foundation decided to support and provided little money for refurbishing the room with floor mats, supply of educational materials and toys.
Children Centre Nabin SS (6) Children Centre Nabin SS (5) Children Centre Nabin SS (4) Children Centre Nabin SS (3)Children Centre Nabin SS Children Centre Nabin SS (2)

Sanil Ghising, a volunteer of CaN, who worked very hard to do all this has expressed in his report the happiness he saw in the eyes of not only the children but in the eyes of teachers and parents.
We are grateful and express our thank you to all supporters and donors.
Broken wall has been temporarily covered with zink sheets.

Updated: September 06, 2015

CaN Education Foundation has adopted Nabin Secondary School in Bhusafeda, Dolkha as its new project.

CaN Education Foundation is organizing Premium Calssical Music with Sur-Sudha on Saturday Oct 3 2015 at New City Hall – 13450 104 Ave in Surrey, BC , and on October 4 at Maha Raja Banquet Hall in Edmonton 

Thank you to all our supporters for the successful fundraising events in the Month of August – A Night with Nepali Celebrity, and movie screening Nai Nabhannu La.

Crowd funding by youcaring has also helped to raising few thousands.

Dr. Ganesh Yonzan is appointed as the Country Director. Dr. Yonzan was a Nepali ambassador to Japan, and he is very committed social worker, as well.

NPR 100,000 was provided to our onsite volunteer Mr. Sanil Lama. Mr. Sanil has refurbished two Children Centres in Nabin Secondary School and Tapkedanda Primary School, at Bhusafeda, Dolkha  Mr. Sanil reported that student attendance at the schools have increased since our funding and volunteer support.

Update: July 17, 2015
CaN Education Foundation is organizing following fundraising events in the Month of August: A Night with Nepali Celebrity (with Actor, TV Host, Director -Suraj Singh) on Friday August 7th 2015 @ Lovely Banquet Hall 7168 128 St, Surrey
(This is a Dinner event)
movie show Nai Nabhannu La on Saturday August 8th 2015 @Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex, 110- 16555 Fraser Highway, Surrey.

To reserve your tickets please contact our trustees listed in the poster as less than 1 month is left for the Events.

Foundation has been receiving donations from various cities from inside Canada
and abroad like, Australia, the USA, and Germany. The AHPMathewElementary School in Surrey is continuing its fundraising to support children in Nepal.

The foundation has invited Mr. Suraj Singh Thakuri to Vancouver to support in foundation’s fundraising mission. Mr. Thakuri is a media personality and has acted in four large screen Nepali films. He is coming with one of his movies, Nai Nabhannu hai and a documentary on the earthquake in Nepal. During is scheduled to visit Vancouver and Edmonton during the first and second weeks of August, 2015.

As the fundraising events, CaN has organized “A Night with Nepali Celebrity” on August 7th in Lovely Banquet Hall, Surrey, and the full version of film will be screened in a friendly environment in the multiple  room at Surrey Sports and Leisure Arena on August 8th.

CaN Education Foundation co-sponsored screening of the film “Monk with a Camera”. The film was screened in the Vancity Theatre, DownTown, Vancouver. President of the foundation highlighted CaN and its mission during his address to the audience.

Foundation is welcoming new supporters to bring more like minded people within
its umbrella. These supporters are dedicated therefore they re adding synergy to the team. Any one can be a supporter if he/she is willing to pay $10 or more every month. You are requested to become a supporter and make change in lives of children in Nepal.

Trustee’s News
Trustee, Samjhana Lama has moved to Edmonton due to her personal reason. Ms. Lama’s departure has created a vacuum in Lower Mainland. But she has started her action in Edmonton, AB. It proves that a dedicated person has no boundary.

CaN Education Foundation
8272  149A St, Surrey, BC
Tel. 7785523842

Update: June 16, 2015

More students.

Shiksha Jyoti adds few more new students. Few of the new student children belong to rare ethnic groups that are considered at the verge of extinction. Stay tunes for more information.

New Projects.

Trustees and volunteers of CaN Education Foundation are working to adopt new projects due to alarming situation of Nepal caused by two major disastrous earthquakes in March 25 and April 12, and hundreds of after shocks.

The foundation’s new project could be in Dolakha district. Dolakha was one of the hard hit districts. Keep visiting the site for more information.

Board Meeting.

CaN’s Trustees are meeting on June 16, 2015 to discuss on important issues including proposal of new projects.

Update June 17, 2015
Decision made
School Reconstruction in Bhusaseda
Support Students in the School
Movie, Monk with Camara show on June 25 for fundraising


Foundation has initiated calling for donation for Nepal for the following purposes:

  • Reinstate/reconstruct schools
  • Establish orphanages
  • Provide books, note-books, pen/pencils, school uniforms, shoes, stationery, and sport items.

Donation can be done in many ways as,

CaN Education Foundation
8272  149A St, Surrey, BC
Tel. 604 559 7358

Fundraising at AHP Mathew Elementary

Reema Lohani talked to  the Vice-principal about her willingness to raise fund for children in Nepal. Rishika Lohani and Raina Pandey of AHP Mathew Elementary School, Surrey were engaged in fundraising activities. So far they have raised $129 for the CaN Education Foundation.
fundraising at ahp mathewRaina at FundraisingThey all deserve thank you from CaN.

Help to society.

Trustees and members of the foundation were involved actively in fundraising activities organized by Nepali society organization in British Columbia, Canada. This was the most urgent need for every concerned individuals including Nepali Diaspora all around the world. Since the foundation’s mandate and objective is not rescue and relief, it helped to the society.


May 6, 2015

A few days back we started a campaign to raise $50,000 within 1 month to help the victims of the massive 8.0 earthquake in Nepal. Please join us in this campaign and help make schooling to these children a possibility.

CaN Education Foundation has directly helped children with educational supplies in the past. Now we aim to make basic schooling available to kids who have lost a parent or been completely orphaned and help in the reconstruction of a collapsed school building in Baduwa, Sindhupalchowk.

April 28, 2015

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 – 8.1 and a maximum Intensity of IX (Violent) struck Nepal severely impacting 15 districts closest to the epicenter, which by latest count has killed more than 7,200 people and this number is growing as rescuers and relief team reach remote villages on the mountains.

Executives, members and volunteers of CaN Education Foundation are actively involved in fundraising programs for the victims of earthquake in Nepal. They are concerned to help survivor kids and their parents. It is the early stage of aftermath but the foundation has also visualised for re-building a civic, educated and stable society of Nepal.

Dec. 26, 2014

New Year 2015 celebration organized by CaN Education Foundation was a wonderful event. I, from the very core of my heart, would like to express my sincere thanks to President Mr. Ratna Rai and his team for such a dedicated effort to present this memorable event. Also, I would like to urge strongly to all the community members to recognize the team’s noble action towards the service rendered to Nepalese children.

Actually we share the same goal of enhancing the education standard of Nepalese students. CaN is helping them to have the basic infrastructure for learning environment and I am making them the learning materials easily accessible through my site

Our motto is not to let any child behind the light of Education.

I wish Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015 to all the members and families of the community.

Thank you,

Indra B. kshattry PhD




CaN Education Foundation is celebrating New Year and Holidays Season to raise fund to support educate Nepali children.