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Bhaktapur Project

Bagishwori Higher Secondary School at Chyamhasingha-1,  Bhaktapur

Two brothers from Bhaktapur ProjectBhaktapur Project was started in March 2012 for two brothers, Vijaya and Ajaya Bhujel who are attending Bagishwori Higher Secondary School at Chyamhasingha-1,  Bhaktapur. They are 16 and 15 years old, respectively. Their father works as a farm labourer and mother is a home maker. Their limited household income falls short to support children’s education. CaN Education Foundation is supporting those two youths by paying part of their school fees, school uniforms and stationary supplies. This help has allowed their parents to focus on other essential household expenses like, food and medicine.  Without the help of CaN, those boys had to discontinue their schooling. The Bhujel family is very thankful for CaN’s support and wish the support be continued so that Vijay and Ajay can graduate from their respective schools.

Vijay and Ajay express their gratitude towards CaN in writing, “we and our parents are very thankful to CaN for its support. We would not have been able to attend secondary school without them. CaN does good job for the underprivileged students. In future, we want to help others achieve their dreams too”.