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Janahit Project

Janahit National Primary School, Padampur – 8, Chitwan

This is the fourth project CaN has approved and started to support in 2014. This school has 335 students where most of the students come from marginalized families. Altogether 20 students were selected for support in the first phase. Out of 20 students, two families migrated some where else and there are 18 students benefitting from the foundation.

The school has 7 teaching staff but only the principal is on government salary. Other teachers draw NRs. 2400 per month from local resources – Rs. 250 is collected per annum from every house hold. The school was built by some foreign donor agency hence, does not look bad but it is lacking some basic necessities like furniture for children, stationery, extra English books. Sports items which are one of the necessities for children are taken as luxury item.

At present the foundation is providing stationery as school inventory, school uniforms, bags, shoes, and extra English books.  As mentioned above sport is one of the essentials for children’s development therefore the foundation is supplying soccer balls, volley balls, skipping ropes and other sport items.