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Members & Volunteers

There are so many children who need education to become good citizens. Only the good citizen can make this world livable for generations to come no matter where they are living now. I am supporting CaN by donating small amount of money and recyclable cans and bottles because I sincerely admire the work of this foundation.

Alex Konkin, Vancouver, BC

I am a supporter of CaN Education foundation because I strongly believe that my help, even it is small, can make a difference in children’s life.Ratna Rai, Vancouver, BC

I support the initiative that CaN Education foundation has undertaken, now for several years to uplift the lives of vulnerable children. I am happy to be able to contribute to the continuing success of this non-profit organization.Suman Lohani, Vancouver, BC

I am a strong supporter of Can Education Foundation because of its efforts towards improving educational opportunities to children in rural Nepal. Having worked in the past in Save the Children organization myself, the work of Can Education is directly aligned with my own beliefs and ideals about how a non-profit should operate, using all the money for directly benefiting those in need without or with very little overhead cost.Shambhu Lama, Vancouver, BC

I liked the idea of supporting needy children to go to school while empowering their communities to progress to a brighter future. I was given a similar chance in my childhood by many generous donors and with that in mind I am here to give in every little way to develop CaN Education’s initiatives. So together I invite you all to join us in supporting needy Children’s education around the world while empowering those less fortunate.Joseph D'silva, Vancouver, BC